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Track Vendors with Online Efficiency and Reliability with SubConTrak

Place The Power of Information in Your Hands

Tracking subcontracts can often be one of your most challenging and time consuming, yet important, tasks. That’s why SubConTrak was created by experts with more than 10 years of compliance experience – to place the power of information in your hands.

Now you can easily collect data and track utilization of vendors at the prime, subcontract, and even lower multi-tiered levels with online efficiency. See the percentage of work given to minority, women-owned businesses or small business enterprises instantly and stay on top of project progress with a precision and timeliness not possible before.


Immediate Advantages

Immediately see the percentage of work given to a variety of vendor types that you define.

  • Easily follow through at multiple tiers without overwhelming manual work for your staff or the need for extensive resources.
  • Access critical, solid and current data at your fingertips, giving you real-time answers for those to whom you are accountable.
  • Show vendors the value of this easy and useful tool to help them manage their numbers ensuring their enthusiastic participation.
  • Track construction, supply or other types of contracts that you define.